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The team on Decoin is constantly monitoring all withdrawal actions on the exchange to see if any suspicious withdrawal attempts are being made. If something unusual appears it will get flagged immediately through the latest technology, including malware protection for your browser. However, these minor bumps do not change my opinion about Decoin. I still think it’s a great addition to the crypto community and I can see how they have gotten such a good reputation so quickly. I recommend all our investors and traders to give it a try to see for yourself. In this section of our Decoin review we have highlighted 6 special features that sets them apart when compared to other platforms.

  • Security of funds is a huge problem with unregulated investment platforms.
  • For every investment worth INR 15K, he had promised a daily return of INR 270 or 4.4x profit.
  • Another major crypto Ponzi scheme, Bitconnect, launched in 2016 as a Bitcoin lending solution promising monthly returns of 40%.
  • Because they are not subject to any laws or restrictions imposed by financial regulatory organizations, they are free to trade as they see fit.
  • Our opensource ecosystem, lets you learn, trade, stake your DEKADO coins, with ease and ingenuity.

A nice project and certainly deserves more interest by investors.lets hope the dev stays onboard and keep this community ontrack and everything working well. They may be unsafe, untrustworthy, or illegal in your jurisdiction. Platforms who are not registered with or regulated by a regulatory organization are considered unregulated. https://cryptolisting.org/ allows you to contact them through telephone contact and email.

Our own experience with Decoin

The website did not even publish any company’s physical address or an email ID for contact. There are plenty of special features on Decoin and in this section of the review, I would like to highlight a couple of them that makes Decoin stand out against similar platforms. Some of the most important features are multicharts, DTrade social platform, the native DTEP coin, fiat on-ramp, cold storage wallets, leveraged trading products, and top gainers and losers. The main thing that I think sets Decoin apart is the fact that the team behind this project has done a good job in terms of platform design, security, and most important part, trading features. It’s the first time I see a social crypto exchange that offers this kind of live experience.

You’d better stay far away from unregulated entities and trade with regulated platforms only. Dekado Coin is an unregulated investment platform similar to BitConnect, which we reviewed earlier. Problem with unregulated investment platforms is that they are not reliable and abuse the regulations. Make sure to stay away from them as they are anonymous and that they can disappear any time without notice. Companies providing online investment services without a license cannot provide their clients with any sort of protection. At the height of the Bitconnect fraud, Michael James and Raymond Weil launched a similar staking scheme, promising up to 50% monthly returns for holding its all-new token Regal Coin.

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The benefit of Decoin is that both active day traders and passive investors can use the platform. For day traders, the trading interface has all the tools you need to execute fast scalping and carefully designed swing trades. If you are a passive investor who relies on letting your money do all the work for you, then the DTrade social platform will call your attention. Here you can choose among some of the top traders on the exchange, copy their trades, and let them do the work while you provide the capital. The SEC accused the operators of Forsage of raising $300mn from at least January 2020 through an unregistered securities offering. The civil charges came just weeks after the regulator charged a former employee of crypto exchange Coinbase with insider trading related to coin listings.

Dekado Coin Withdrawals

But when a global user base, especially from India, Indonesia, the Netherlands and the African continent, came on board soon after the launch, the website went down. People could no longer access their accounts on the website Dekado.io. The DTEP coin is created by the Decoin crypto exchange and has several useful aspects to it for members of the platform. Now your new digital asset will show up in your wallet on the Decoin exchange. From here you can choose if you want to use them in the social trading pit, leverage trading, or if you want to use the spot markets to day trade. The main trading feature of the Decoin exchange is the DTrade platform.

Most of the scammers are experienced manipulators and before you know it they’d ask for your bank card numbers to assist you with the deposit. There is also a chance to become a victim of Identity theft, experiencing many more problems consequently. According to Kerala Police, EOW, Nishad K and his team collected a minimum of INR 15K from every investor and managed to onboard around 11 Lakh people, primarily from India. For every investment worth INR 15K, he had promised a daily return of INR 270 or 4.4x profit. Additionally, 10%-40% benefits were also promised for every successful referral. To withdraw funds from your wallet, simply hover over Wallets in the main menu, and click Withdraw.

Decoin offers all members a fiat gateway to buy cryptocurrencies with a credit card. This opens up great possibilities for everyone on board as you can deposit your fiat currencies instantly and own your favorite coin on Decoin in a matter of minutes. This is something that I would definitely use when I day trade and I highly recommend that you give it a try when you test the exchange. Another major crypto Ponzi scheme, Bitconnect, launched in 2016 as a Bitcoin lending solution promising monthly returns of 40%.

Ultimately, the fraudsters convinced investors to boost their earnings by buying the project’s token, PlusToken. One of the 10 crypto Ponzi schemes that ravaged the digital asset market. Like other scammers, Ether Trade Asia posed as a crypto trading platform, offering 3% daily returns on investments. But every time a trader wanted to withdraw their tokens, the platform did not allow it citing ‘technical glitches’.

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Security of funds is a huge problem with unregulated investment platforms. A red flag that we noticed is that they are withholding dekado coin vital information to users. Theycould go bankrupt from one day to another since there are no banking information about them.

Dash (DASH) vs Dekado (DKD)

This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. If Dekado Coin is doing any of these things to avoid releasing your funds, contact our experts today. The editorial team of Trading Browser is required to use first-hand sources to collect and share information regarding the businesses we promote.

The Decoin exchange is now home to several thousand daily traders who executes great trading through advanced technology in an easy-to-use environment. The exchange provides a good mix of beginner-level design with professional trading tools that advanced traders will find useful and interesting. If you think your account size is too small or that your gains are not enough to generate a good profit you should try the leveraged tokens on Decoin.

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PlusToken is one of the latest and largest Ponzi schemes ever recorded in the crypto world. The scam conducted most of its marketing campaign via the Chinese messaging app, WeChat, by enticing investors with the prospect of generating 10-30% monthly returns on investment. PlusToken attracted over 3 million investors, a majority of which were located in China, South Korea and Japan. The entire business model of the project centered around crypto literacy and a wallet service.

There is no recent price data for this coin, because we don’t see trading activity currently. Dekado Consulting, is a strategic investment and advisory firm empowering blockchain investors, funds, startups and entrepreneurs to reach their liquidity goals. Over the years we have consulted and helped start-up companies in these fields and are now fully immersed in the future of blockchain technology.

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Among these sources, you will find LinkedIn profiles, Trustpilot reviews, Sitejabber ratings, whitepapers, government reports, and other reputable sources. Below is a shared list of the article sources used for this review. The native currency of the exchange is called DECOIN, or DTEP, and can be purchased on Decoin itself, Bitrue, VinDAX, and Cat.Ex. This platform is perfect for beginners with limited trading or investing experience online. There are currently 0 Dekado coins circulating out of a max supply of 0. Congratulations to all DEKADO team for such great genuine performance in such reverse market.

Decoin is a social cryptocurrency exchange led by a team of true blockchain experts, crypto industry veterans, and fintech professionals. The team launched the platform with a common goal to create the most transparent and innovative social ecosystem for their traders. With a touch of great security features, a beginner-friendly user interface, pro social trading platform, staking mechanism, and advanced tools for seasoned cryptocurrency traders. No matter if you are new to crypto trading or if you have years of experience, Decoin is an exchange you need to try out if you are into new technology.

Buying/Selling Dekado On Cryptocurrency Exchanges

As there is no regulation, the people running the platform can pocket your money while bearing no responsibility for their criminal actions. In contrast, regulated firms are required by law to adhere to a slew of regulations that ensure the safety of clients’ funds. Decoin has included a great trading tool for active day traders on the home page of the exchange. At the top of the coin list, you will find the top gainers and losers of the day. Here is where you will find the most volatility of the day as the coin listed here have made some big moves and they are more likely to keep moving. Through the top gainers and losers tool, you will find coins that are exploding in price or have recently made a crazy dip which calls for some great day trading opportunities.

It is a social crypto copy trading platform with a whole aspect of combining trading and a live view of how professionals actually trade. The DTrade platform lets you watch, follow, and copy top traders live, something that I have never seen before. If you are interested in new trading technologies, top-level security protocols, easy-to-use platform design, and several hundreds of markets to trade, then Decoin might be your next go-to exchange. If you are into altcoin trading you will definitely enjoy Decoin due to the number of new coins that get listed where some of the coins are fresh on the market which calls for some extra upside potential. With such lack of information and Dekado Coin being unregulated, funds are not safe.

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